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Have you been thinking about redoing your driveway? Maybe you need to replace an old broken up cement driveway. Or, over the years as the ground shifts, has your driveway began to shift and sink? Regardless of why you want to get a new driveway, now is the perfect time to get the job done!

Waiting too long to get your driveway replaced or repaired can cost you more! As the ground begins to freeze during the winter months, the job gets harder. Excavators near you will save you time and money so make sure you plan and complete your driveway while moving earth on the ground is easier.

What to think about when getting a new driveway

Before replacing your driveway, professional excavators at Orschell Excavating in Indiana can discuss your driveway needs with you. Why did your driveway fall apart, shift or crumble? There are many factors before excavating for a driveway and an excavator with experience will discuss what is needed in preparation. Does it have proper drainage? Is there standing water?  What are the dimensions and how do you want and expect your new driveway to look? In order to get the longest lifespan out of your new driveway, we want to make sure it is done right. Addressing areas that commonly cause driveway damage can avoid unnecessary replacement or repairs in the future.

Getting a new driveway in Indiana

Professional excavators in Indiana can guide you through the process of planning, preparing, and completing a new driveway job. From the design plans to removing yourget new driveway before winter

current driveway to laying the new cement, you can ensure your driveway repair or replacement is in good hands.

As we said, during the winter, snow and cold temperatures make the ground hard to work with. Now is the perfect time to schedule your driveway repair or replacement by calling Orschell Excavating in Indiana right next to the Ohio border we do a lot driveway work in the Cincinnati suburbs as well.

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